Wednesday, October 6, 2010

MBS 2007 fiscal year have something to say

"Microsoft Business Solutions Business Unit (Microsoft Business Solutions, MBS) in the last fiscal year (July 1, 2005 ~ June 30, 2006) is very rapid growth in the fourth quarter, faster than the market average 4 to 5 times the annual income reached 919 million U.S. dollars, up 17%, while profits reached 240 million U.S. dollars. We have completed one year ahead of analyst earnings estimates for us. "

Recently, in fiscal year 2007 on the MBS case to communicate with the media, MBS Tami Reller, vice president of marketing group says. So far, MBS has more than 9,000 partners worldwide, 30 million of customers, the formation of a healthy ecosystem. "Now we have very strong confidence and resources to develop new markets, such as Greater China."

AX 4.0 and Business Ready

Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 is the MBS in fiscal year 2007, pushing for a highly adaptive global business management solution, Business Ready Licensing Program is an important market for MBS Programme.

AX 4.0 will be available by the end of this year, in the Chinese market will be fully localized. Tami Reller said, AX 4.0 product innovation around four themes. "First, we strive to adapt our products to customer needs, customized according to customer demand for body; Second, we hope that product has a very rich functionality, especially to meet the manufacturing, wholesale and distribution industry demand; Thirdly, our products can meet the needs of global customers, including those in multinational companies doing business globally, those who want out of the overseas Chinese enterprises, but also those who intend to buy overseas potential multinational companies; Fourth, we The product has a very strong scalability, can be adapted to the scale of growth in customer demand. "

Business Ready Licensing Program launched in October of this year. Through this program, customers can be very easy to buy, use and maintenance of their own of ERP products, and can Genjuzishen Xu Qiu Lai Goumai Gengjia advanced primary, or the different Guigechanpin.

Fiscal year 2007, four focus

Tami Reller said, MBS in fiscal year 2007, the work will focus on four aspects.

First, customer service, MBS would like to maintain the current good momentum of customers, not only to attract new customers, you can also get more benefits traditional customers; in cooperation with partners, MBS partners plan to invest more resources and power to help them expand their business with; in all industry segments the market, MBS will further increase input, and finally to both large enterprise and SMB customers to get their product solutions are most needed; Finally, raise full awareness.

"Since last year, our Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer and chairman Bill Gates said many times that we, Microsoft Business Solutions has never been so strategic." Tami Reller stressed.

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